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Service Beyond The Sale

We are called Beyond Computers for a reason! We can handle anything IT related for your company, Imagine not having to worry about anything IT related for your company? Sounds insane right? With Beyond Computers we link all things together to give you a total package, it doesn’t matter if you need a website, website hosting, email, Hardware, backups, anti-virus, we can even help you with what cell phone will do what you want. We will come to your business, look at what you are doing, and what you can be doing better. In many cases when we acquire a new client they not only get better service but they save money!


We design, install, maintain, and administer networks as a complete business solution. From consultation to implementation, our solutions are designed to be complete and affordable whether you require two computers or two hundred in your company’s infrastructure. Our services in this department include everything from basic internal e-mail to Virtual Private Network (VPN) options and wireless capability.

Phone Systems

Beyond Computers Inc. offers business-class telephone systems for your company’s telecommunication needs. We are an authorized NEC dealer, and recommend the Aspire series for unparalleled ease of use and reliability. Systems in this class are more affordable than one might think, and are highly scalable to suit your business needs.

Remote Monitoring

Beyond Computers can monitor anything from the toner remaining in your network printer, all the way to critical outages. Beyond Computers will our advanced monitoring solutions can monitor almost anything and solve the problem before it becomes a problem for you!


It doesn’t matter if you need local backups or remote backups, Beyond Computers can handle it. We have a solution from the smallest document backups, all the way to replicating your entire company bit for bit every few minutes.

Cable Installation

Living up to its name, Beyond Computers Inc. offers installation for all of your cabling needs. Our in-house teams can set up the backbone for all of your voice and data network needs. Our cabling specialists are highly trained and have the latest state of the art testing equipment necessary to certify your network infrastructure.

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